Honorary Consulate of Mongolia with its seat in Quebec Opened

The opening ceremony of the Honorary consulate of Mongolia with its seat in Quebec province held on March 21, 2017 in Montreal.

The opening ceremony was attended by Ambassador Radnaabazar Altangerel, Deputy Minister for international relations and the Francophonie Mr.Jean-Stéphane Bernard, Mr. Henri-Paul Normandin, city of Montreal Director for International Relations, General and Honorary Consuls of foreign countries, authorities of Government of Quebec, municipality, delegation of Mongolian community in Quebec, business and press delegations.

Монгол Улсын Өргөмжит консулын газар Монреал хотноо нээгдэв.

Канад Улсын Кебек мужид ажиллах Монгол Улсын Өргөмжит консулын газрын нээлтийн ёслолын арга хэмжээ 2017 оны 3 дугаар сарын 21-ний өдөр Монреал хотноо зохион байгуулагдав.

Монгол Улсын Өргөмжит консулын газрын нээлтийн ёслолд Монгол Улсаас Канад Улсад суугаа элчин сайд Р.Алтангэрэл, Кебек мужийн Олон улсын харилцаа, франкофоны дэд сайд Жонн Стефан Бернар, Монреал хотын захиргааны гадаад хамтын ажиллагааны дарга Хенри Паул Нормандан нар болон Монреал хот дахь зарим орны ерөнхий болон өргөмжит консулууд, Кебекийн засгийн газрын холбогдох албаны хүмүүс, тус мужид аж төрж буй Монгол Улсын иргэдийн төлөөлөл, кебекийн бизнесийн болон хэвлэл мэдээллийн төлөөлөгчид оролцов.

Mongolia-Canada Roundtable Meeting held in Ottawa

The 7th session of the Mongolia-Canada Roundtable Meeting was successfully held in Ottawa on March 9, 2017. The meeting was co-chaired by Minister for Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia, Mr.Tsedev Dashdorj and Assistant Deputy Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Canada, Mr. Donald Bobiash.

The sides have expressed mutual satisfaction over the current state of the Mongolia-Canada Expanded Partnership bilateral relations and cooperation in political, economic, investment, mining, defense, international development programme, agriculture, environmental and multilateral fields as well as latest developments in the bilateral cooperation including the recent entry into force of the Mongolia-Canada Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.

The parties have also exchanged views on issues of common interests such as democracy, human rights and freedom and pledged to work closer together in the years to come to further advance collaboration in this area.

Mongolia-Canada Investment Agreement Enters Into Force

Mongolia's Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry, Mr.Tsedev Dashdorj met today with Canada's Minister of International Trade, Mr.Francois-Philippe Champagne in Toronto, on the sidelines of an annual PDAC Convention, when the two men announced that the Mongolia-Canada Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) has entered into force. The meeting was attended by Mongolia's Ambassador to Canada, Mr.Radnaabazar Altangerel, Canada's Ambassador to Mongolia, Mr.Ed Jager and a member of Mongolian Parlament, Mrs.Agvaanluvsan Undraa.

PDAC2017 Mongolia Forum Successfully Completes

The Mongolia@PDAC2017 Forum was successfully held on March 5, 2017 in Toronto, on the sidelines of the annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention. The Forum was attended by over 200 delegates representing Mongolian Parliament, government and mining industry, Canadian government and investors as well as a number of interested foreign parties.